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Fix Valuable Inventory: No Content in Google Adsense

Fix Valuable Inventory: No Content in Google Adsense

Are you trying to apply to Adsense and you are facing the problem of the Valuable Inventory: No Content available

Or looking for a solution to the Valuable inventory: Under construction
Is AdSense telling you that your site is not ready to display ads?

Everyone creates their own sites and after a period of creating the site and writing articles, they apply to Google AdSense
 And after their long wait and thought that getting accepted into Google Adsense is easy
They were surprised by the rejection and the reason for the rejection is "Valuable Inventory: No Content"

And this problem of rejection of the site is among the most common problems facing website owners
When submitting the site to Google Adsense, 

Welcome to enal7addad blog , today we will present the best ways to fix Valuable Inventory: No Content is available proplem

Fix Valuable Inventory: No Content in Google Adsense

Lots of people offer a solution to this problem, but it is in vain
Therefore, we will present the best way to fix Valuable Inventory: No Content

Reason For Valuable Inventory: No Content in Google Adsense

This problem is due to the acceptance of Adsense in particular to blogger blogs
Because of the lack of experience with Blogger and Google Adsense
Let's explain what is meant by "Valuable Inventory: No Content"

It has many meanings, which we will mention in this article
The most common reasons that cause a Valuable Inventory: No Content are:
  1. Lack of articles available on your site
  2. The low number of words within the articles
  3. Failure to format the article on the site
  4. Programming errors in your blog template
  5. Archiving problems
  6. Other, we will solve directly

We will explain all the concepts of the previous errors and give the solution to each problem causing the problem of Valuable Inventory: No Content in Google Adsense

 Everyone applies to Google Adsense without reading and knowing the terms of Google Adsense and their application

Everyone should know that the conditions of Adsense are not incapacitating, but you must have experience in dealing with Google Adsense

You can gain experience through long dealing with Google Adsense or by purchasing professional services from people with experience

Fix Valuable Inventory: No Content Lack of blog content

Many people, due to the increased enthusiasm, expedite the application to AdSense, and this is the biggest mistake that beginners make
As soon as you write two or three articles, some people apply to Google AdSense, and that will inevitably lead to rejection
You must write at least 20 to 30 articles and then submit to Google AdSense
 This is the biggest reason for the Valuable Inventory: No Content available

Fix Valuable Inventory: No Content Too few words in articles

Some write a number of articles, for example 20 articles and apply to Google Adsense
And he was also surprised by the rejection due to the problem of the Valuable Inventory: No Content available
Or the problem of Valuable inventory: Under construction

And here the rejection is due to the small number of words in the articles
At least 400 words must be written in each article
If your essay is short and less than 400 words, then edit all your articles and make them 400 words or more

And remember, the more articles the better the SEO experts will recommend
Writing an essay consisting of 1800 words or more
Even if it was from time to time

Fix Valuable Inventory: No Content Articles not being formatted or archived

Many do random typing and just fill in words
And not to format articles into titles, quotes and points, and not to add images to the article
Of course, when Google Adsense reviews a site that is almost empty, it will get the answer out of the question

Due to the value repository problem Valuable Inventory: No Content 
or the Valuable inventory: Under construction

Failure to archive all of your articles on Google also causes this problem
You should make sure to configure sitemap files and upload the Robot Text file to your site
In order to properly index your site

Fix Valuable Inventory: No Content Software problems

There are millions of Blogger templates in use, but some of them contain software problems or bugs
Google AdSense has smart reviewers who check for programming errors in the template used
If the template contains errors, then it will be rejected
Due to the vValuable Inventory: No Content or Valuable inventory: Under construction

Note: You are not required to purchase a professional template to be bug-free
There are many templates that are free from programming problems or errors, but it is preferable if the template is professional

Some causes of the Valuable Inventory: No Content and their solution

In addition to all the above-mentioned causes of the Valuable Inventory: No Content available
There are several reasons that lead to a problem with the valuable repository: No content available

  • Exclusive photos, non-copied articles, and exclusive videos cause the Valuable Inventory: No Content

This problem may occur because the articles do not contain enough words as mentioned above
Also, the content must be 100% exclusive and without any copies
As well as to have in the blog exclusive pictures of your own design

And make sure not to include a video that is not yours because this is against Adsense policies
If you own a YouTube channel, you can only include videos from it to avoid violating Google Adsense

  • Readable site causing bucket issue Valuable Inventory: No Content

Make sure that your site is readable, meaning that it is organized and arranged with a professional template
As well as the colors in the template are perfectly coordinated and have a beautiful logo for the blog

  • Blog settings cause inventory issue Valuable Inventory: No Content

Make sure the blog settings are complete, including the blog title and the description of the blog, and modifying the meta tag codes
As well as making sure of the correct configuration of the Android Text file or leaving it without activating it

  • Sections and pages of the site cause a problem Valuable Inventory: No Content
You must make sure to add at least 5 sections to your blog
And in each section at least 5 articles

Make sure to add the main pages to your site as well
And they (privacy policy, usage agreement or usage policy, who we are, contact us)
These pages are very necessary for any site to accept, so everyone should add them to their sites before applying

  • Ensure the pages are working Causing a problem Valuable Inventory: No Content available

You must make sure that the pages are fully functional, such as creating a contact us page, such as the Call Us button
It works without problems

Also, make sure that the sections of your site are working properly

All that was mentioned in this article were all necessary solutions in order to fix the problem of Valuable Inventory: No Content available
Or fix Valuable inventory: Under construction

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In conclusion, the problem of the Valuable Inventory: No Content is available from the most prominent problems that website owners face while submitting to AdSense, but after you fully implement this article, the problem will be completely resolved, and Google Adsense will be approved on your site after Fix Valuable Inventory: No Content.

We have explained the reason for the Valuable Inventory: No Content available or Reasons for the Valuable Inventory: No Content

We also explain the solution to Fix Valuable Inventory: No Content

Fix Valuable Inventory: No Content in Google Adsense